American Crossroads

Opinion Editorial – November 2017

As we look back at the 2016 Election and beyond we also have to recognize that, after 8 years of the Obama Administration, America has reached a Crossroad in our history and our future. While Politics have never been pretty, the last presidential election was particularity nasty filled with vitriol and scandal after scandal.

We witnessed one of the nations largest Political organizations, the Democratic National Committee [DNC] essentially hiring thugs off of Craigslist to incite violence and riots at political rallies of Republican nominee Donald J. Trump. Around the same time a mass of DNC and Clinton campaign emails were released to the public through Wikileaks revealing an array of misconduct by the DNC and Clinton campaign.

During the campaign it was discovered that the head of the DNC, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, had conspired with the Clinton campaign to rig the Democratic primaries in favor of Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders.  On November 1st, 2017 we learned from former Interim DNC Chairwoman Donna Brazile reveled that their was in-fact such a plot. Brazile’s new book contained many of the details surrounding the plot and revealing many more enlightening details in which Hillary Clinton had basically taken control of the entire DNC. Full story here.

This was all occurring while Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Presidential Candidate, was under investigation by the FBI for mishandling “Classified Information” while she had served as the Secretary of State in the Obama administration.  As it turns out, even that investigation was marred with deception and corruption.  The head of the FBI, James Comey, had drafted the “Excuse Memo” detailing the violations by Hillary Clinton as well as the reasons she would not be held responsible for her crimes. He drafted the Memo months before the investigation was concluded and before several witnesses, including Clinton, had been interviewed.  Story Here.

Leading up to the 2016 Presidential Election the Mainstream media loved to hate Republican candidate Donald Trump.  He provided the media wit a near endless stream of material for their daily, and nightly, news broadcasts. We all thought the media’s reporting on Trump were simply because of his sometimes colorful language and often inflammatory assertions he had made at his campaign rallies.

However, what we came to discover is the mainstream medias “Protection” of both the DNC and the Clinton campaign. They almost entirely avoided reports on the DNC contracted firms and Clinton campaigns open attacks on, and intimidation of, American’s who were supporting Trump and attending his rallies. They also down played the seriousness of the Clinton email investigation as well the questionable Clinton foundation activities.

Instead, the medias focus on Trump turned to sometime vicious attacks on the Rep. Presidential Candidate. The Candidate the mainstream media and Hollywood elites, as well as a slew of polling agencies, tried to convince American’s had had No Chance of winning. This may have actually backfired and had the complete opposite effect of what they had intended. None the less, when the media became the advocate of one candidate and the propaganda wing of the Democratic party during the campaign, and even well after the election, America suffered a major blow in it’s ability to trust what the nations news reporting agencies have been reporting.

During the Obama presidency America saw a reemergence of racial divides in the Country. Groups such as “Black Lives Matter” who chant “What do we wants…Dead Cops. When do we want them..Now” were regulars at the nations White House. Government agencies, meant to serve the American people, were used as weapons against them. The National Intelligence agency secretly, and unlawfully, collected meta data on Americans. AP and Fox News Journalists were spied on. The IRS were weaponized against Conservative political groups.

But it got worse, if one could imagine. The Veterans affairs Department allowed United States Veterans to die awaiting care while VA staff destroyed lists of Veterans awaiting care in order to cover up and make the VA look more efficient then it actually was, at the expenses of 1000’s of lives.  People who had survived gun battles and bombs, only to be killed by a waiting list.

Blind Justice

While amid the vast arrays of crimes and injustices, from inciting violence and riots to VA employees allowing Veterans to die, no one has lost their job, no one has been arrested, but we have four committees, a special prosecutor with a dozen or more attorneys investigating an alleged “Trump Campaign Russian Collusion” allegation. An Allegation that was formulated and started by none other then the Clinton campaign.

For over 10 months the Democrats and the media have beat the drum of “Russian Collusion” with absolutely NO EVIDENCE of such claims. Even to this day, with the indictment of two former Trump Campaign staffers, which has the Media and Democrats saying…”See, see, we told you so”…is still a nothing burger. The timeline of Paul Manafort’s alleged violations, which amount to “tax evasion”, covers a period in which he was working with the Pedesta Group. John Podesta was Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, not Donald Trumps.

So America is at a Cross-Roads in History. We can accept the attacks and corruption against our elections, our people and our values, by those with whom we have vested with authority to protect them and just hope it doesn’t get worse. Hope that America doesn’t slip into the same type of government that has lead to failed dictatorships or 3rd World Countries, or we can do something about it and stop it.