postpicThe United States Is In Trouble

The United States has been undergoing a transformation for many years now, but never more then it has these past 8 years. In 2008 American’s elected it’s first Black [African-American] President, Barrack Hussein Obama, defeating the John McCain/Sarah Palin ticket. Despite an arguably poor first term performance President Obama was re-elected in 2012.

Obama ran on a platform of Hope and Change and a fundamental transformation of America, and he delivered on that promise, at least the fundamental transformation part.  One of President Obama’s fundamental changes was the transformation of a society that believed in hard work, earning ones keep and pride in their nation into one that has become dependent on what they seem to believe are “entitlements” and have endorsed an open degradation of their country, its history and those who have fought for and defended the American way of life.


While America can repair most of the damage caused by the Obama Administration, the job of repairing America’s moral attitude will be much more difficult a task. For eight years American’s were bombarded with scandals out of the White House and various government agencies which were briefly reported in the media and then swept under the rug, like the IRS Targeting of Conservative Political Groups, the attack of the American embassy in Benghazi and various other questionable, if not outrageous, scandals engaged in by our Government.

Perhaps it was the quick acceptance to “move on” after these scandals broke and were forgotten that began to shape the State of the nation as it has become. A sort of get used to this sort of stuff attitude.  It seemed that no matter what the White Administration did the Democrats stood behind it or brushed it off as no big deal. But while many thought the nation was in a daze and not paying attention, the 2016 Election seems to indicate a different story as, while everyone seemed embroiled in the Presidential election, many failed to notice that the people also voted in a republican majority House and Senate and State Legislative seats.

It is due to the Mainstream media’s clear bias on coverage of national events and the Obama Administration that has lead to the distrust of news reports offered by News stations and publications such as CNN and The New York Times. In fact, the NYT issued an apology letter or sorts, recognizing it’s biased coverage of the Republican nominee Donald Trump.

nyt-apologyletter Anyone who has been on Facebook or Twitter could clearly see the American public’s outrage of the clear media bias but most of the Nations Main Stream Media outlets and even dubbing “CNN” the Clinton News Network, due to it’s strong embracing of everything Hillary Clinton, and rebuking of everything Trump. It is this unreliability of the main stream media that has given rise to a variety of Online and Social Media reporting and information outlets.  Grant it, some do report false or only partially true and accurate news, while others try to provide in-depth reporting. Some even have “undercover” video footage to back up their claims like “Project Veritas“, an organization lead by James O’keefe.

The Red Alert

The “Project Veritas” videos released on their website and posted throughout social media revealed a rising problem in our nation.  So numbed to illicit and corrupt activities in our Political process that, in light of clear and convincing evidence of the Democratic National Committee and the Hillary Clinton Campaigns had employed a variety of tactics that included:

  1. Receiving Debate questions, in advance of debates, from media outlets in order  to provide Hillary Clinton an advantage in those debates.
  2. The DNC colluding to ensure that Hillary Clinton would win the Democratic Primary and defeat Bernie Sanders to become the Democrats Presidential Nominee.
  3.  Utilized American people, including the Mentally ill, to incite violence and riots at the Republican nominee’s rally’s in order to create a negative media narrative, in order to not only tarnish the Republican nominee but also the nominee’s supporters. In-fact those supporters would become labeled as a “Basket of Deplorable’s“.

Deplorable comes from the French word déplorer meaning “to give up as hopeless,” meaning something is so bad, there is no hope of improvement

The “Project Veritas” video also revealed a plan by the Democratic party to engage in massive voter fraud, admiring that they had been doing it for years. Here is a link to the  HIDDEN CAM: NYC Democratic Election Commissioner, “They Bus People Around to Vote” .  The New York City Election Commissioner admits that New York City is allowing “illegal immigrants” to vote [which is against federal Law] because they knew they would vote Democrat. In truth and fact, this practice was repeated in many Democratic leaning states with high Hispanic and illegal immigrant populations.  Perhaps that explains the post election 2016 push by Liberals and Democrats to do away with the Electoral Collage and move to a simple Popular vote election system. Something that should be vigorously opposed at every level.

As troubling as these voter fraud revaluations are, what is even more troubling is that a good portion of Americans seemed not to care when they still chose to vote for Hillary Clinton, the overwhelmingly defeated candidate, in the 2016 Election.