Protest Outbreaks

The day following the announcement of Donald Trump as the new United States President-Elect several protests broke out around the Country.

Apparently upset about the election of Donald Trump, for an array of reasons,  many protesters took to the streets in major cities around the country. The common theme of their protests was “Not My President” indicating that the President-Elect was not going to be their president.  The protesters chanted “Not my president” and “Fuck Donald Trump” as they made their way through the Streets of New Your City, Chicago, Los Angeles and even Las Vegas, Nevada.

Sparking a twitter war many of the tweets were mixed but a large majority asked protesters to heed the advice and wishes of sitting President Barrack Obama and the Democratic Nominee Hillary R. Clinton, who lost the election in a stunning landslide. However, Clinton did receive slightly more votes in the “Popular Vote” tally, which has not yet been completed, fueling protesters who do not agree with the “Electoral College” system which we have used in the United States since the first elections began.

Many of the protesters claim to be college educated or attending college which leaves one to wonder what exactly are they teaching in college these days.