Written By A. Barron  Feb. 20th, 2017

Since the November election of Donald Trump as the nations 45th President of the United States the Democratic party, as well as various liberal and left leaning organizations, have been crying foul. It has been a unified call of claims of “Russian hacking” influencing the election. While no one has claimed the alleged Russian hacking had altered any vote counts they have claimed, none the less, that the Russians interfered with the “2016” election. Apparently the Russian interference in the election was the alleged hacking of the DNC [Democratic National Committee] and John Podesta [Clinton’s campaign manager] email accounts.

Many in congress have even called for serious investigations into the alleged Russian hacking and interference into the election, though those entities were private citizens and a private political organization who were entitled to no Federal oversights nor were there emails entitled to any special Government protections. We also have to wonder as to what exactly would an extensive investigation reveal? What would the ultimate goal be and how would a Select Committee paid for with taxpayer dollars reveal?

Prior to leaving office former President Obama imposed sanctions on Russia for it’s alleged interference in the “2017” presidential election campaign even before an investigation committee has had an opportunity to look into the hacking allegations and its effect upon the election. The Hacking allegations have also lead to multiple rallies, riots and demonstrations claiming President Trump was not a “ligament” President and even going so far as to imply that the Trump campaign encouraged the Russian hacks and that his campaign was in contact with Russian officials during the campaign.

Despite all the claims and outrage about the “Russian Hacking and Influence” we are yet to see any real evidence of such. In a “declassified version of a highly classified assessment” released on Friday January 6, the U.S. intelligence community laid out its judgment that “Vladimir Putin ordered an influence campaign in 2016 aimed at the US presidential election,” with the specific goal of harming Hillary Clinton’s “electability and potential presidency.” The report went on: “We further assess Putin and the Russian Government developed a clear preference for President-elect Trump.”

These conclusions had previously been reported, based accounts anonymous intelligence officials.

If looking through Rose Colored Glasses, ie: seeing what you want or hope to see, then this is as far as you need to read. You mind has already been made up and no rational analysis or thought on the subject is possible.  However, if you are interested in the truth and facts then you should read on as there is much that just dosen’t add up.

In reality there is no sure fire way to detect “Who” has hacked in any situation, unless they are new or poor hackers. While the nations Intelligence Agencies are not knows for their Technical savoy [look at the San Bernardino iPhone incident] they do have the ability to at least track where a person is hacking from as well as the ability to evaluate similarities and techniques (often refereed to as signatures) of known hackers and hacking entities.

While these are no big secret and well known within the tech communities the U.S. Intelligence community calls them classified titling them “Ways and Methods”.  However, when pressed on HOW the intel community KNOWS that the hacking of the DNC and Clinton Campaign was committed by Russian hackers, they offered NO explanation beyond they simply suspected that it was the Russians.

Several months ago we offered a possible explanation, being the tracking of the IP wherein the hacking efforts originated from. We also pointed out that there are several programs on the web which Mask your actual IP address and allow you to use VPN IP addresses from anywhere in the Country allowing you to surf the internet virtually anonymously. While we understand that, unlike a television show wherein all the secrets and tricks of the enemy are discovered in under and hour, it has been several months since the claims of Russian hacking first emerged. The Intel community has been under consent pressure (mostly by Democrats eager to deligitmize the Trump Presidency) on the Intelligence community to find evidence of the alleged Russian hacks, none has been forthcoming.  

So we are left with more questions then answers. Here we will address some of those questions and provide fact based answers that no one else has, or likely will.

Why Would the Russian’s oppose Hillary Clinton and help Donald Trump?

Hillary Clinton was, at least mildly, infatuated with communism…the Russian form of Government. Her early mentor was Saul David Alinsky a card carrying member of the communist party. In-fact Clinton did her senior (college) thesis on him. The Clinton Foundation and Hillary Clinton went on to help Russia’s successful acquisition of 20 percent of United States uranium reserves. See the New York Times Story.

In the meantime, with all of the resources of the media, the United States intelligence agencies and the Democratic National Committee, no one has been able to discovery ANY links between Donald Trump and Russia or any reason why Russia would favor him over Hillary Clinton.Let that sink in for a minute. Between the DNC and the Clinton Campaign, and even the Obama White House, with 100’s of millions of dollars in backing…perhaps even more, they were able to “Locate” almost a dozen woman and an audio tape from decades in Trump’s past, but not a single link to Russia or Vladimir Putin. Imagine that.

But that did not stop the Democratic party or the media from making 100’s of unfounded claims and pushing for a tax payer funded investigation trying to find some connection. An effort and investigation which would cost the tax payers 10’s , if not 100’s, of millions of dollars for their fishing expedition and witch hunt.

How did the [Alleged] Russian Hacking Affect or Influence Election 2016?

If the “unclassified” version of the Intelligence reports are to be believed, then the affect of the alleged Russian hacking specific goalwas to harm Hillary Clinton’s electability. How did they accomplish this? By exposing the following truths, which have NEVER been disputed by any of the parties involved or implicated:

  • Colluding with the many of main stream media outlets for favorable reporting (biased).
  • Receiving “Debate Questions” prior to debate from Media outlet(s) hosting the Debate(s).
  • DNC collusion to oust Bernie Sanders from the Primaries in favor of making Hillary Clinton the Democratic candidate.
  • The DNC and Clinton campaign using “Paid” protesters and agitators, including the mentally ill, to incite violence and riots at Donald Trump’s political rallies.
  • The DNC and Clinton Campaigns engagement in a conspiracy to “rig the election” through the use of voter fraud techniques and activities.
  • Clinton campaign collusion with the DOJ and FBI.

….and the list goes on and on. Essentially, as ironic as it may seem, the Russian hackers crime was exposing the truth about Hillary Clinton’s corruption to the American people. However, most of what had been exposed in the Podesta and DNC emails merely confirmed what had already been exposed by an American independent media group, Project Veritas. The group, lead by Jame O’Keefe, exposed the DNC and Clinton campaign activities via undercover Videos.  Again, the content of these video’s has not (to date) been challenged nor have any claims been made that this video evidence depicts anything but what actually occurred.

Main Stream Media Outlets

Trump claims Media is the Enemy of  the American people

Ok grant it. President Trump has said, and more so Tweeted, some pretty off the wall stuff.  He is by no means a smooth and polished political speaker. He’s just a regular guy from New York who has built a successful empire and achieved the American dream. But he speaks his mind and calls it as he see’s it.

But is he that far off about the media? We recommend you check out our last article here! It is indisputable that many of the nations mainstream media outlets have, and continue, to attempt to influence the way the American people vote in elections. It has long been the policy of most of the nations most well known media outlets have consistently donated to, and supported, the Democratic nominee for president. But in the 2016 Election the media went far beyond merely throwing their support behind a candidate.

In-Fact, the mainstream media has been on the constant attack of President Trump and the Trump administration since inauguration day. With the exception of Fox News, seemingly every media outlet can be seen attacking Donald Trump and the administration almost every ten minutes. The worst of the offenders have been CNN and the New York Times who just last week put out a completely bogus story claiming that the Trump campaign had been in constant contact with Russian agents during the campaign. Lacking any evidence of such the New York Times said they gained this information from “Anonymous Sources” within the intelligence community. The Intelligence community has denied said allegations and has in fact confirmed that they have discovered no such evidence, nor any indicating such.

Many of the nations mainstream media outlets have allowed themselves to become a propaganda wing of the Liberal and Democratic parties. With the influence they wield the clear bias and purporting of  treasonous indicative stories as reliable, they are no longer Journalist or free and independent press. Enemies to American’s, perhaps not. But most certainly a propaganda network similar to those touted as media news in most of the worlds dictatorship controlled nations.