Here is the current RSVP list to the Thursday Night (4/9) dinner at Podesta’s. As a reminder,

this is with the 25 reporters more closely following HRC (aka the future bus).

Yes ABC – Liz Kreutz
Yes AP – Julie Pace
Yes AP – Ken Thomas
Yes AP – Lisa Lerer
AURN – April Ryan
Yes Bloomberg – Jennifer Epstein
Yes Buzzfeed – Ruby Cramer
Yes CBS – Steve Chagaris
Yes CNBC – John Harwood
Yes CNN – Dan Merica
Yes Huffington Post – Amanda Terkel
NO (Panama) LAT – Mike Memoli
Yes LAT – Evan Handler
Yes McClatchy – Anita Kumar
Yes MSNBC – Alex Seitz-Wald
Yes National Journal – Emily Schultheis
Yes NBC – Mark Murray
Yes NPR – Tamara Keith
NYT – Amy Chozik
Yes NYT – Maggie Haberman
Yes Politico – Annie Karni
Politico – Gabe Debenedetti
Yes Reuters – Amanda Becker
The Hill – Amie Parnes
Yes Washington Post – Anne Gearan
Yes WSJ – Laura Meckler
Yes WSJ – Peter Nicholas
Yes WSJ – Colleen McCain Nelson

TRUNewNet  Feb. 2017

President Trump has made no secret of his disdain for the nations mainstream media. One would be hard pressed to find a rally where he failed to mention how dishonest he believed they were, or one where the attendees didn’t agree with him. But are the media getting a bum rap? What could they possibly have done to garner such ire from the President and many people throughout the United States?

Well, there was  the whole “leaking” of debate questions to Hillary Clinton prior to debates which they (CNN) were hosting. Then there was the cozening up to the Clinton campaign in their “Off the record” dinner parties, as leaked in John Podesta’s emails through Wikileaks.

From: Jesse Ferguson []
Sent: Monday, April 6, 2015 5:10 PM
To: Amanda Renteria; ‘Huma Abedin’; ‘Marlon Marshall’; ‘Robby Mook’; Nick Merrill; Jennifer Palmieri;; Kristina Schake; ‘Mandy Grunwald’; ‘Margolis, Jim’; ‘Joel Benenson’; ‘John Podesta’
Cc: ‘Marissa Astor’
Subject: Press Dinners – Full Info

We wanted to make sure everyone on this email had the latest information on the two upcoming dinners with reporters. Both are off-the-record.

1)      Thursday night, April 9th at 7:00p.m. Dinner at the Home of John Podesta. His address is 3743 Brandywine St NW in Washington, DC. This will be with about 20 reporters who will closely cover the campaign (aka the bus).

2)      Friday night, April 10th at 6:30p.m. Cocktails and Hors D’oeuvre at the Home of Joel Benenson. His home address is 60 E. 96th Street, #12B, New York, 10128. This is with a broader universe of New York reporters.

We understand if it’s too hard to make it, not a big deal, but great if you can.

Let me know if you have any questions.

[Podesta Emails #11409]

With the exception of Fox News, the media made no attempts to mask their bias throughout the Presidential campaign. They even produced poll after poll assuring the American public that Trump had no path to the 270 Electoral votes needed and that, in fact, Hillary Clinton was destined to win by a landslide!

The mainstream media even began advancing a narrative that not only disparaged Trump, but also his supporters, claiming they were unruly and Violante. The media continued that narrative long after the campaign, even though they were aware that the violence and riots were being induced by parties paid by the DNC and Clinton campaigns.

“There are none so blind as those who will not see.”

When the Media’s frontal assault and collusion with the DNC and Clinton campaigns failed miserably,  the media didn’t waste much time in launching a series of false reports claiming that their “unidentified sources” were “leaking” damaging alleged intelligence reports linking people within the Trump organization to Russia. Having no corroborating evidence, and denied by the intelligence community, the media persisted with these false reporting.

The came the boom, just a day after Trump’s February 16th press conference, the AP has been criticized for its “irresponsible” reports that the White House is considering mobilizing up to 100,000 National Guard troops to round up illegal immigrants.  White House press secretary Sean Spicer described the report as “not true” and “100% false” and “irresponsible,” but it wasn’t only Trump’s staff that have been left angered by the report with many on social media echoing Spicer.

The Department of Homeland Security is considering no such thing, an agency spokeswoman said following the report’s publication. Further, they said, the DHS memo on which the entire story hinges was only an early, pre-decision draft, and it wasn’t written by the agency’s secretary, John F. Kelly.

This is the exact opposite of what the AP reported.

The draft memo obtained by the news agency didn’t specifically suggest nationalizing the National Guard. The draft memo also never used the 100,000 figure cited by the AP, though it’s possible the news group came to that number by tallying the National Guard units currently stationed in the 11 states where they would supposedly be used to crack down on illegal immigration. The report doesn’t explain this.

Update: Where did the Associated Press get the 100,000 figure? Gabriel Malor has read the order and finds it nowhere to be seen.

Also, to be clear, the word “deportation” is never used in the memo. As far as National Guard troops are concerned, the memo only floats the idea of giving them the authority to assist in the “investigation, apprehension and detention” of criminal aliens.

Lastly, there is nothing in the AP report indicating the president was ever aware of any such proposal.

In short, the story is the exact opposite of enlightening.

“We stand by our reporting,” the group’s spokeswoman, Laura Easton, told the Washington Examiner.

The article’s original headline read Friday morning, “Trump weighs mobilizing Nat Guard for immigration roundups.”