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The nation is experiencing much more then simple protests. Do you recall any protests, prior to the inauguration of Donald Trump, that were filled with “protestors” wearing ski masks while protesting? But perhaps the breaking of windows, burning of cars in the streets and smashing in of department store windows by these alleged protesters provided good reason to wear masks while exercising their 1st Amendment right to peacefully protest, or perhaps the senseless physical attacks on innocent people in the streets provided the motivation to remain anonymous while not-so peacefully protesting.

Perhaps these people wizened up after being exposed at the pre-election Trump rallies as “Paid Protesters & Riot Inciters” by James O’Keefe of Project Veritas. Funded by Nazi Collusionist turned Billionaire currency manipulator George Soros, and organized by the Hillary Clinton campaign,  the media created the narrative that Trump supporters were violent and angry racist, sexist, etc. when in actuality the narrative was fueled by paid agitators.

Notwithstanding the fact that the Mainstream media has painted the nations snowflakes as “victims” and the Democratic party can’t seem to come to terms that their power has been lost, derailing their plans for the transformation of America into a 3rd World Country, the disruptive wave rising around the nation is much more then merely protests and civil disobedience.It has become the very essence of the meaning of terrorism.

Readers may recall  that , following the election, 1000’s of people openly made threats to the lives of “Electoral College” members, in an attempt to get them to violate their oaths and NOT cast their votes for the candidate [Donald Trump] who won the majority vote in their states. When taken as a whole anyone with even the most minimal of intellect can see that there was, and continues to be, an organized and concentrated effort to delegitimize the Trump Election and ultimate Presidency.

Initially all of this had been shrugged off as simply anger over losing the election. This may have been a viable assumption had not the political terrorism continued into the presidential inauguration, and beyond. Again, the Project Veritas group was able to discover several plots to disrupt and even terrorize pre and post inauguration events. They also spotted Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta meeting with “Disrupt J20” members who were also planing bombings and disruptions at the inaugural events.

Most of these efforts are being lead and funded by George Soros, using lackeys from the Democratic party and main stream media, which he has substantial investments and ownership interests in. He has even been found to have ties to over 50 of the organizations that lead the “Woman’s March” in Washington the day following Trump’s inauguration.

Terrorist Orginizer of Womans March

We are not saying that ALL of those who engaged in protests throughout the Country were paid protesters or engaged in destructive and unlawful activities. Most were merely recruited into something they may have believed in, or were convinced that they did. The major problem is that most of those who did engage, or were lead to engage, are like that of a child who breaks his or her toys.

Since they have not had to work to build this Country, or contribute through act or deed in defending the American way of life, they tend to have no skin in the game, so to speak, it is of little consequence to lose that which many generations of American’s have worked so hard to build, and have fought and died to defend.

None the less, there is overwhelming evidence that most (if not all) of the protests occurring around the nation are well organized by groups with ties to George Soros and are being encouraged by those in the pocket of Soros. They are NOT your typical spontaneous protests which can be gleaned by the amounts of professionally printed signs that appear throughout the crowds being carried by the masked protesters who have covered there faces so you do not recognize them from them from the several protests they have appeared in before.

It is clear that there is a concentrated effort to cause chaos, disruption and intimidation through these alleged protests. This becomes clearer when one realizes that these “protesters” look more like ISIS members (black outfits and masks) then protesters. What is even more disturbing is that these efforts are supported by the Democratic party and funded by a confirmed Nazi collusionist and supporter, George Soros.

Soros has been influencing Presidential policies, the media and several parties withing the House and Senate of the United State government.Soros has a very powerful influence on the Obama administration and has tried to exert influence on the Trump administration, but to no avail. So now he has concentrated his efforts to a “Resist” movement, funding riots and “Protests” which look more like riots then protests, enlisting his lackeys in congress, including at least two republicans and most of the Democratic party.

The efforts of these parties have gone far beyond expressing their views and have turned to silencing those with differing views, such as the incident at Berkley wherein hooded and masked protesters rioted in order to silence a guest speaker, Milo Yiannopoulos, a conservative speaker and senior editor for Breitbart News.

The Republican’s have been making a mistake in simply imagining that all these activities and distortions by the media, the Democrats…and even the Hollywood elites, is simply sour grapes at the loss of the election by Hillary Clinton. A clear indication of the danger posed in these events was the 9th Circuit insertion of the Court into the national security policies of the United States, which is Constitutionally reserved to the President.

Ironically these alleged “Public outcry’s”  come equipped with professionally printed and prepared signs for the occasion. As if they were prepared en mass for the protesters. Many f the signs making appearances are very similar [in Coloring and Layout] to those provided the agitators hired by the Clinton Campaign’s ex-felon manager Bob Cramer, to disrupt and incite violence at the pre-election Trump campaign rallies.