Donlad Trump may have been what America needed, more then anyone realized.

While former President Obama was admittedly a very charismatic man and had made history as the 1st African-American president in United State history. However, it would be hard to image, that any reasonably minded individual could call his Presidency a success. The facts and figures just do not add up to such a conclusion.

Notwithstanding Obama’s abysmal record, it is the cancer that has grown and festered during his presidency that has grown into a national threat to our nation of dangerous proportions.

During the 8 years of Obama’s Presidency there has been a complete lack of accountability by the United States government and its agencies which, in and of itself is very troubling, but has given rise to what can only be termed complete lunacy. It has, at times, become very difficult to even recognize the United State of America after 8 years of the Obama Presidency.

Sen. Ted Cruz points out some of the most egregious violations occurring under the Obama administration.

During the Obama administration the Democratic party reviled in power and the ability to move forward an agenda which has divided our nation on many fronts, including racial and sexual orientation division, while also attempting to strengthen their voter base through the  encouragement of ignoring our nations immigration laws ie: sanctuary cities.

While the once noble mainstream media reporters and staff who. have historically held the nations leaders up to scrutiny and accountability to the American people , ignored many of the serious issues affecting the Country, instead electing to fawn over them, one media outlet stood out and held to the traditional media role. Fox News, and specifically Sean Hannity, often came under fire for reporting what was occurring behind “No doors”, as none were necessary, on Obama administration  and Democrats open contempt and assault on the nations laws and principles.

At one point American’s had become so discontent with their Government, and the lawlessness rampaging throughout the country, talk of revolution had began appearing more and more in Social media feeds. One attendee at a Mike Pence (pre-election) even announced “We are ready to start a revelation”. Pence, of course, settled down the female attendee.

Incidents like the “Bundy Ranch” standoff in Nevada, and the Utah mountain range standoff show a rising tension between the government and the core American people. People who believe in real American values and the United States Constitution. Disgruntled with it’s government the American people not only have the right, but the duty, to stand up against it.

The sentiment did not go unnoticed by the powers that be. We all remember the Democrats “Sit-In”  to attempt to push it’s gun control agenda. Purposing an expansion of the “No-Fly” list to a “No-Fly No_buy” list where the government could place American’s on an arbitrarily list compiled by the government and not only be unable to board an airplane (which is NOT a constitution right) but to deny American’s their 2nd Amendment right to purchase a firearm.

Think about that for a moment. Imagine a  arbitrarily compiled Government list of people who could be denied “Constitutional” rights.  Now add the fact that the 2nd Amendment essentially exists so that the American people will be able to stand up against an oppressive government. What would be the impact if the Government placed those American’s who them deemed would in-fact “Stand up” to them, on a “No-Buy” list so that they could not in fact do so.  

Images From The

Bundy Ranch Standoff, in Nevada

The Real & Present Danger

The constitution has been in effect since March 4, 1789 and has gone unchanged or challenged as the fair and Constitutional manner in which ALL of these United States are represented in Presidential Elections. However, after the Democrats efforts to keep Donald Trump from winning the elections by employing dangerous and unlawful tactics, such as inciting violence at Trump’s political rallies,  interfering with American’s access to those rallies, employing groups advocating voter fraud and more…which all seemed to have failed miserably…they would go onto an even more aggressive and offensive attack upon not only Donald Trump by the United States Constitution and the American voter.

The First Attack came after the election.  Donald Trump won the electoral college vote, overwhelmingly, with 306 Electoral votes. He won several traditionally Blue (Democratic) states shattering the “Blue Wall”.  Jill Stein, an independent candidate that had barely garnered 1% of the vote, successfully suckered male-contented Clinton supporters into donating over $7 million dollars to fund “Recount” efforts.  The recounts she did manage to initiate actually turned up MORE votes for Donald Trump then initially reported.

With recount hopes miserably dashed, there came the Democrat lead effort to convince the “Electoral College” voters to defect, ignoring their constitutes wishes (and votes) and cast their votes for Hillary Clinton…becoming “faithless electors”.  This assault came from left wing Hollywood actors and actresses and thousands of disillusioned (and perhaps mentally disturbed) people who went so far as to issue death threats to these electors, should they cast their vote for Donald Trump. This attack netted the democrats loss of five Hillary Clinton pledged electors.

The Second Attack

Utterly flabbergasted that the “Electoral College” electors remained unpersuaded by the Hollywood elites and  death threats by the American resident “Snowflakes” the Democrats sought other avenues, latching onto ANYTHING they could possible use to delegitimize the legitimately elected Donald Trump, and in rides “Russian Hacks”.

The Democrats began advancing a narrative that Donald Trump’s election victory was due to Russian hacking of the DNC and John Podesta email accounts, releasing the emails to Wikileaks who published them for the American public. This narrative gained momentum when the United States intelligence community released information that Russia had engaged in hacking in attempts to influence the Presidential election. However, as the DNC refused to let the agencies examine the DNC servers it is no surprise that NO intelligence report states that it was the Russians that had hacked the DNC, or the Podesta, emails. But the Democrats have, thus far, gotten away with falsely implying such.

Former Black Panther Leader On Rep. Lewis Betrayal of Blacks.

As American’s, we are supposed to ignore the fact that Podesta (as evidenced in this displayed email) gave access to his email account to campaign staffers. His email account password was “password”. Come on. Russian hackers? A ten year old could have gotten into his account. It was also revealed that John Podesta had fallen for a Phishing email scam in which he provided his login information on a fake Gmail login page after clinking on a Phishing link designed to do exactly what it had done.

This narrative then morphed into allegations that President Elect Trump was not the “legitimate” president because the Russians exposed the DNC and Clinton corruption and illegal activities to the American voter and thus had influenced the election in favor of Donald Trump.

Democratic Rep. John Lewis began leading this charge by the Democrats. Rep. Lewis is revered among the Democrats as a “Civil Rights Icon”. However, this view differs among some “Non-Public Servant” African-Americans, some who have claimed that Rep. Lewis was subjugated by the Democrats that had essentially beat him into submission during his famed civil rights march.  When one considers that it was the Democratic party that had formed the KKK and his preferred candidate [Hillary Clinton] mentor was Robert Byrd filibustered against the 1964 Civil Rights Act and was an Exalted Cyclops in the KKK Clan, some of his detractors might have a point.

Hillary Clinton, following the final Presidential Debate, tweeted that Donald Trump’s refusal to commit to an unchallenged election result prior to the election was a “Threat to our Democracy“. This took an extraordinary amount of gall considering the Democratic parties actions and allegations, both leading up to the election, and following Trump’s victory.

During the presidential primaries the DNC [Democratic National Committee] , lead by Debbie Wasserman Schultz (DFL 23rd District), conspired to advance Clinton over Bernie Sanders to become the Democratic parties nominee for President. Fortunately for the DNC after this plot was exposed Sanders was a good lap dog and copulated to supporting Clinton throughout the campaign. In fairness though, considering the trail of dead bodies in the wake of the Clinton’s and their exploits, this might have been a health based decision.

The Democrats attempt to usurp Democracy began with the deception of the American people…which continues today…with the help of the Main Stream Media. The Media attempted to shape the election and brainwash the public by colluding with the DNC and the Clinton campaign. The DNC attempted to create a narrative for the press to use in furtherance of this conspiracy by employing Bob Creamer and Scott Foval to disrupt, interfere and  cause valance at Trump rallies. They were fired after their activities were exposed by  James O’Keefe’s “Project Veritas” video expose, as reported by the Washington Post article.

The Greatest Threats…

There are forces within our Country that are working towards a America that is at odds with our traditional values and virtues. Power figures like George Soros, who has made billions by destroying countries governments and economies, is one such figure. Soros has used most of the Countries mainstream media to advance his agenda and narratives he wants advanced, while suppressing those he does not want the American people to think about. The video to the right (below on mobile devices) will give you some insight into this threat.

While Democrats sat on their hands and allowed their leader, Barrack Obama, to advance his liberal agenda by executive fiat and his administration to violate the Constitution (several times), including the targeting of American’s and American businesses, they set a dangerous stage. The attacks upon those that didn’t agree with them and the lawlessness without consequences sent a message. 

The message was well grasped by many in favor of their agenda. From rioting under the guise of protest, to threats of blowing up the White house subsequent to Donald Trumps election, the Democrats set the stage for a dangerous future. And they have lead by example. Hiring organizations to incite violence and riots at opponents political rallies, to open collusion with the press and receiving debate questions in advance by those news organization to not only give an advantage to their candidate, but even one of their own nominees over the other. What kind of message did that send.

Conclusion of Part I: The Danger to Democracy. 

Be sure to return for Part II: Democrats of Anarchy