The FBI In America 2017

The Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation [FBI] were once the nations leading law enforcement agency. While there may have been a few rouges, as there are with any major groups or organizations, for the most part the FBI had hosted men and woman with integrity and dedication to the safety and security of our nation and to law and order pursuant to our nations Constitution.

That all began to change in 2008. To be fair, not only has the FBI become entangled and corrupted by politics, so had the IRS which has recently had to apologize and settle a few lawsuits to those who’s constitutional rights have been recognizably violated.  Guess who foots the bill? That’s right, we the people. The Government has NO Money except for that which we give it. The decline of the FBI, at least noticeable, began under Attorney General Eric Holder. The “Fast and Furious” gun running scheme which, at it’s core, was designed to create international incident(s) which would ultimately lead to a push for more gun control in the United States.

Blood on Their Hands: After the botched gun running scheme, a short time later Boarded Patrol Agent Brian Terry was killed with one of the weapons given to Mexican drug cartels through the fast and furious debacle.  Eric Holder would later be held in contempt for failing to cooperate with the U.S. Congress committee investigation the rouge, botched operation. President Obama came to hide behind executive privilege, and FBI agents got to live with Terry’s blood on their hands.

The Clinton Email Coverup

Then came the Clinton Email Investigation wherein Hillary Clinton had setup a private email sever in an unsecured setting with little to no actual cyber protections. Clinton used to server to avoid Government scrutiny and records of her email as Secretary of State [for obvious reasons that have now become clear] and transacted “Classified” emails in this unsecured setting, in violation of several rules and federal laws. The head of the DOJ, Loretta Lynch and James Comey orchestrated a shame of an investigation into the Clinton Email scandal.

James Comey – Clinton Connection

James Comey usurped the Clinton email investigation. He concluded that, while there were an array of violations of law and procedures, there would be no pursuit of charges against Clinton. In fact, he had concluded this months prior to the conclusion of the investigation. But James Comey had a history of “Shielding and Protecting” the Clinton’s. He did so in the Clinton “White Water” scandal, which left a trail of dead bodies in it’s wake. So what do the Clinton have on Comey, or how much have they been paying him?

The Danger To Democracy

The Democrats and their Media Allies have not only disrespected the American peoples vote, electing Donald Trump as the President of these United States.  After hiring thugs to incite violence and riots and disrupt the Campaign process, cheating within the Democratic Primaries and utilizing mainstream media allies to smear Trump and lie to the Public, America’s premier law enforcement agency, the FBI, decided to throw their hat in the ring and try to overthrow the peoples election.

Democrats and Assistant Director at the Dept. of Justice suckered Jeff Sessions into recusing himself from the Trump-Russia investigation, again using the media to distribute their propaganda. Democratic Congressmen Adam Schiff  arranged to force the only other person in their way, Devin Nunes, to recuse himself from congressional oversight of the congressional Trump-Russia investigation, by filing a knowingly false and/or misleading “Ethics Complaint” against Nunes after Nunes discovered that the Obama Admin had arranged interception of Trump Campaign communications.

With Sessions and Nunes out of the way, the playing field has been perfectly set for the attempted Coup on the American peoples election, with Andrew McCabe in charge at the DOJ-FBI. McCabes wife received generous donations from the CLINTON’s for her Virginia State Senate campaign. A majority of which McCabe’s wife pocketed after the failed campaign.

During the 2016 Election Campaign the Democratic National Committee [DNC] had hired thugs off of Craigslist to incite violence and riots at Donald Trump and other republican party political events. The DNC Directly coordinated these events. It was all irrefutably evidence by video footage and supporting documents such as the DNC and Clinton campaign Payroll records. Though these activities were a violation of 18 U.S.C.  § 2101 – Riots the DOJ/FBI wholly failed to pursue any action against the DNC or Clinton campaigns.

FBI – Media Collusion

Since Trump took office there has been a slew of leaks from the DOJ/FBI on trivial to national security matters. These were all intended to embarrass the WH administration and the newly elected President. Having maneuvered their way into the appointment of a “Special Counsel” appointment the DOJ-FBI leaks to the media seemed to have slowed down. However, even the “Special Counsel” team began leaking supposedly secret information  to the press. Then on October 26th, 2017 the Special Counsel team leaked a “Sealed Indictment” to none other then CNN, in clear violation of FRCP Rule 6(e).  This new era of DOJ-FBI leaking classified and secret information to the media is troubling and dangerous to our nation.

Now we discover that the FBI remained silent and allowed 20% of America’s uranium reserves to be sold to Russia though the whole operation was under FBI Criminal investigation. Ironically the beneficiaries of the deal all donated at total of about $140 Million dollars to the Clinton Foundation.  One wonders how much of that was kicked down to then FBI head Robert Muller and other cronies who allowed such a deal to go through.
Is it irony or by design that Robert Muller is now the “Special Council” leading the witch hunt against President Trump, appointed by Clinton cronies in the DOJ? We think it is no accident. The FBI has become an armed and dangerous deep state criminal organization who has lost any trust and honor.  They have become little more then the strong arm of the Democratic party and should be DE-funded and disband.  Start again from scratch. Keep those who are loyal to their oath and their duty, send the rest home in the dishonor they have earned.