Have you figured it out yet? Ok, lets examine the Democrats latest “crook of bs”. While claims have been flying around that the “Russian’s” hacked the 2016 elections, these same claims admit that the actual “elections” were not interfered with or hacked…ie: no votes were effected by electronic means.  The alleged influence is solely based upon the release of the John Podesta and DNC emails to the website Wikileaks, though the Wikileaks owner and founder has implicitly stated that the leaked emails did not come from Russia or any Russian hackers.

Meanwhile, outgoing President Obama evicted several Russian delegates from the United States based upon this new Russian hack narrative.  The latest in a list of excuses and claims that have been made ( by the Democrats)  for losing the 2016 election.

Ask yourself this…who the hell is John Podesta or the DNC and why do they rise to the level of “National Security” interests?

John Podesta was the Clinton Campaign manager who’s Gmail email account emails made their way to the Wikileaks website. They attracted the attention of millions of people and many of the media outlets throughout the world. But, to be clear, neither John Podesta nor his emails are designated of any national security interest or danger. Likewise, the DNC or Democratic National Committee is merely a Political party, not a government agency, and thus also not of any national security interest. Well, as if the Democrats, including outgoing President Obama, have not had enough egg on their faces already…we are going to make add to the ever growing omelet!

f76uwr51_normalWhy is the President (Obama) of the United States treating a Campaign manager and/or Political activist organizations emails as a National Security interest, imposing sanctions on another Country believed to be involved in the alleged “hacking” of these entities emails? Who the f**k is John Podesta or the DNC?

accesstopodestaemails_01As can be seen here, John Podesta provided access to his emails , to staff as early as September 7th, 2015. You may review this leaked email here “Original Leaked Email“. There is also information, provided by Podesta and and Clinton email I.T. Dept., that John Podesta opened a common Phishing link and clicked on it providing his username and email password in a fake Gmail login screen. There was nothing as sophisticated as “hacking” needed. He was openly careless about access to his email.

Even the Wikileaks founder and operator has admitted that the emails were “leaked” and not hacked. We have it on good authority that the DNC emails were simply leaked to Wikileaks. Perhaps by a Bernie Sanders supporter within the campaign that was unhappy with the manner in which the DNC had been colluding with the Clinton campaign to steal the primaries from him.

However, notwithstanding, John Podesta is a private citizen who simply worked on a Presidential candidates campaign, and the DNC is a Private political organization. Neither are entitled to any “National interest or security” type protections. So why then, is the outgoing President of the United State, and some in congress, seeking to sanction another Country they believe are responsible for the alleged hacking of these entities emails?  Millions of people and companies, like Target and Walmart, have been “hacked” and yet their was no concentrated effort to discover who did the hacking, let alone pursuing “sanctions” against the violators. So what makes the DNC or Podesta incidents so worthy of Intelligence and Presidential intervention?


Editors Commentary

Keep in mind that the alleged 18 intelligence agencies that have claimed evidence of the alleged “Russian Hacking” are the same 18 Agencies that were exposed by Edward Snowden for spying on  every American in the United States, in violation of our United States Constitution.  Where were the sanctions? Was anything done?  The simple answer, No! Lets all cut the BS…the only reason that all these “Hacking” allegations, and alleged to “influence” the elections, is being promoted is to try and de-legitimize the 2016 landslide election of Donald Trump and to distract from the outgoing presidents emboldening of the Hamas terror origination while rebuking our greatest middle east allies.

While mainstream media is afraid of the backlash of calling it like it is, we are not.  It has long been suspected that President Obama’s assertion that he is a Christian is pure and utter bullshit, and is in-fact a Muslim and Muslim sympathizer who’s plan it has been to cause as much damage to the United State both abroad and domestically.  The United States Supreme Court has ruled his Executive actions to be Unconstitutional, more then 20 times. He has aided Iran with billions of dollars in untraceable assets and money, bowed to middle east leaders, and has…in his own words…told the world that he sides with the Muslims. He has placed Muslim operatives with known ties to terrorist organizations inside the political and legal structure of our nations and its organizations.  He has done nothing about the many, many violations of law and ethics by Hillary Clinton, Loretta Lynch, Eric Holder and the IRS officials who targeted conservative “American’s”, from within out own nation.