The National Media was fine with Donald Trump when they considered his Presidential candidacy “entertaining“. But things changed when they, and the world, began to realize that Trump had become a serious contender for the highest seat in the nation. As the presidential race narrowed down to the two major party nominees, Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton, the media’s coverage of the presidential race took on a radical change.


1st Amendment - U.S. Constitution

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

The Nations media is the main source of news and information in the United States, and often around the world, to the people. The importance of the media is immeasurable, which is why it has been such strong and unchallenged protections under the United States Constitution. The media (press) is a very powerful force in all factors of American life. Like any powerful entity, it can be used as a force for good, or for otherwise.

The thing that separates American media from that of other Countries is their access to the inside of politics and political enclaves. They are free to report both fact and opinion and both are absolute rights. The press is also not required, nor can they be compelled, to reveal the sources of their news which the supreme court has also ruled is encompassed by the protections they enjoy under the 1st Amendment of the Constitution. The People are the ONLY force of protection in which to keep the media from abusing its inherent power.

The media will also zealously protect it’s influence over the American people knowing that it has a powerful tool, or weapon, that has never been challenged our of fear of repercussions. Anyone who thinks that the media doesn’t wield enormous ability…the ability to shape a nations way of thinking…need only look at “Political Correctness”. Who coined the term and changed a nations way of communicating to a more Politically Correct manner of speaking? If you guessed that it was the mainstream media, you would be correct. The following video is indicative of the media’s knowledge of the power it wields…proclaiming that it is “Our Job” to control what people think.

This reality is the what exists in dictatorship countries, but shouldn’t in a free America. However, with the invent of social media, a vast new source of information sharing has been opened up. Person to person and social posting help share vast amounts of information every day.

“…the danger is that he could actually control what people think, and that’s our job.”

Clinton Vs. Trump 2016

Imagine the power to shape an election

In 2016 the television and print media wielded their considerable power in trying to shape the 2016 Presidential Elections. Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, who had provided an enormous amount of entertainment and news for the nations mainstream media, was no longer just entertainment for the masses.

As Donald Trump became a serious contender in the race to the Presidency many in the mainstream media shifted gears and targeted Trump in a series of attacks upon his character and fitness for the office of the Presidency. His past exploits have given them plenty of ammunition…or so it appeared. Donald Trump had been a jet setting celebrity billionaire for many years before running for office.

One of Trump’s most vocal critics, and subsequently strongest supporter of his opponent Hillary Clinton, was CNN. In-fact so obvious was the media outlets support for all things Hillary (Clinton) that the outlet was unofficially dubbed the “Clinton News Network”.

In-fact the following video shows a clip in which Chris Cuomo admits to the media being Hillary Clinton’s biggest promoters and that she got a “free ride” by the media. By their own admission they were clearly biased towards their chosen candidate. And CNN was not alone. Most of the Main Stream Media were clearly biased in their coverage of the Presidential election, in favor of Hillary Clinton.


Society of Professional Journalists: Code of Ethics

Avoid conflict of interest, real or perceived.” (Straubhaar, LaRose & Davenport, Pg 478)

George Soros, a word renown (and often notoriously so) billionaire who had worked with the Nazi’s during World War II in the seizing of property and attempted annihilation of German-Jews, was a Clinton campaign founder and friend of Hillary Clinton. The following email reveals the Soros connection to the Clinton campaign.

Soros Campaign Engagement

The Facts Versus The Fiction

What The Media Has Reported

  1. Donald Trump committed Sexual Assault by grabbing woman p***ys…based upon leaked video admissions from secretly recorded private conversation.
  2. As many as 10 Woman came forward an alleged some sort of sexual assault by Donald Trump, as much as 30 yrs. earlier.
  3.  Media forwards narrative that Trump rallies and supporters promoting and committing violence at Trump rallies.
  4.  Media claims Trump travel ban executive order against 7 majority Muslim countries was a “Muslim” ban and racist.
  5. Media claims that Intelligence community (sources) state several in the Trump campaign were in constant contact with Russian parties.

What The Facts Have Shown

  1. Donald Trump (braggadociously) stated that “When you are a celebrity they LET you grab them anywhere, even grab their p***y.  [Celebrity worship or assault?]
  2. After the 2016 Election, every one of the the 10 woman touted before the media cameras drooped their claims.
  3. Clinton campaign employed operatives to infiltrate Trump rallies and incite violence and riots.
  4. The 7 Countries on Trump travel ban list were in-fact chosen by African American President Obama and less then 5% of Muslim majority countries.
  5.  Intelligence community heads state that media claims of “Russian contact” throughout campaign was false and unsubstantiated by any facts or evidence.

One of the very few News Stations that provided a fair review and news from the other side of the Pro-Clinton media spectrum was Fox News. In one of their broadcasts Fox exposed the fact that the Clinton campaign was creating the “violence” media narrative. Fox commentators went on to point out that the American peoples fears and skepticism about the media were in-fact justified. Fox clearly pointed out that there is a “Dark side” to the media and the news it chooses to report as well as the manner in which they report it. And therein lies the danger to society as a whole.

Code of ethics in media-“Encourage the public to voice grievances against the news media.” (Straubhaar, LaRose & Davenport, Pg 479)

“Expose unethical practices of journalists and the news media.” (Straubhaar, LaRose & Davenport, Pg 479)

While the media’s own “Code of Ethics” encourages the public to voice grievances against the news media, a majority of the mainstream media has taken to attacking those (including Trump) who voice those grievances. The fact of the matter is that the media has violated it’s own code of ethics and is in a downward spiral as the majority of American’s have no trust in modern media reporting and find more accurate and trustworthy news on Social media.

Even the New York Times, who hasn’t launched an ad campaign in over 50 years, finds itself launching a major attempt at cleaning up its reputation with its new ad / marketing campaign…ironically titled “The Truth is more important now then ever”. Of course, they forgot to mention why…after 50 years…truth has suddenly become more important.

Editors Commentary

Many in the mainstream media have become a weapon against a party and / or agenda they do not like, or have not been funded to support. When they align themselves with a party or candidate, as they obviously have, then they DO become the opposition party. The media forfeits the right of righteous indignation when when it laughs at any persons pursuit of public service to it’s country, then cry’s when the party it favored loses…on national TV.  It becomes a despicable joke when it equates a sitting United States President to the worst dictator and mass murders, Adolf Hitler, simply because they defeated its chosen, or purchased, candidate.

When the media allows itself to be utilized as a weapon, it has no foundation or defense when they find that the target they has set their cross hairs on tends to fire back. The media’s attack upon Donald Trump are also an attack upon the millions of people who voted for him. TRUNewsNet will do everything in it’s power to call out and point up the medias misdeeds as is OUR 1st Amendment right to do.

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