While the 2016 Election campaign was anything but usual, the ceiling on this one raised the roof on unusual.  It began with 17 Republicans and only 3 serious Democrat candidates. While billionaire businessmen Donald Trump pulled off a primaries win when he was given a 1% chance by CNN, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders battled for the Democratic top spot long after the Republican choice was made.


The Clinton machine was not going to let there chances slip away, so they conspired to eliminate Bernie Sanders chances at winning the primary, and perhaps, the Presidency.  But after all was said and done Bernie Sanders conceded to being a good Democratic lap dog and attached himself to Hillary Clinton’s leash.

Having put away all her competing Democratic Primary candidates Hillary Clinton set her sights on the Presidency, which she deemed she was entitled to…and so did the DNC and Democratic party. Only one little bump in the road, Donald Trump.

How difficult could it be. A Silver spooned brat Billionaire. No one will be able to relate to him, and make him their President? Never happening. But the fight for the presidency was proving much more difficult then anticipated. Trump had an uncanny understanding of the American peoples fears, struggles and plights. Oh nooooooooo’s!  With the main stream media safely tucked into the liberal pocket the DNC and Clinton campaign set out to create a narrative that would tarnish the Trump image, which is expected in any political campaign.

However , no one would expect that this lifelong “Public Servant” who has help herself up as a champion of the ordinary people, would engage in the endangerment of those very people. But as the undercover investigative videos released by “Project Veritas”  have revealed, that is exactly what the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton Campaign had done.

If you have not seen the “Project Veritas” videos we have included our own brief synopsis [Left]  taken from those videos. Our video merely touches on the events, the full video investigation can be viewed at the “Project Veritas” YouTube site.  On the upside, one can reasonably argue that Donald Trump began creating jobs long before he became the President-Elect.

Subsequent to the 2016 election the Clinton-Soros machine got to work on employing even more people for coordinated protests in several major cities that Hillary Clinton actually won. The social class of the people hired can be gleaned from where they posted these job opportunities.



As anyone can see, President – Elect was again responsible for the hiring of thousands of paid protesters. President-Elect Donald Trump has began making good on his promise to the American people, producing 1000’s of jobs before even being sworn into office. Now how great is that?!  Perhaps this will help show America that we will be returning to the right path. Prosperity for all Americans willing to work for it.