WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange has never, in all it’s years, given up the Source of it’s leaks without the leakers permission. It is also worthy to note that WikiLeaks has never been wrong on any of the information it has released.  In Early November 2017 WikiLeaks released the source of the allegedly hacked “DNC Emails” whom, for over a year, the Democrats have blamed on Russian hackers.
The Democrats have since bolstered this claim by eluding to the fact that allegedly 14 U.S. Intelligence agencies have also concluded that the DNC Server was hacked by the Russians. A Ludicrous assumption seeing as NOT ONE agent, technician or individual representative from any of those 14 agencies has ever even laid eyes on the server, let alone examined it.

Assange posted a link to a Website explaining it all. We can not confirm or deny the validity of the claims made on the Website, but then why lie? Love them or hate them WikiLeaks has never openly lied to the public before and in-fact have a long reputation for accurate, truthful reporting and leaks.