Blind Justice

Where Is The Justice?

As we concluded on Saturday in our “Muller Indictment” article Paul Manafort was in fact the target of Special Counsel Robert Muller’s indictment. Manafort was not indicted for anything he did during the Trump campaign, but for activities several years earlier. The charges he was indicted for amount to essentially Tax Evasion and Improper Political Agent document filings. This of course was very disappointing to the majority of the mainstream media who spent the entire weekend pondering and creating scenarios to fill airtime with their usual anti-Trump rhetoric.

On July 26th, 2017 The FBI executed a “no-knock” warrant on Manafort’s home. Armed FBI agents broke into the Manafort home, heavily armed and and dragged the rudely awoken Manafort and his wife from their bed and bedroom while they searched for…wait for it….documents!  Manafort had already supplied 100s of thousands of documents and has never been considered a danger to anyone. He was even allowed to “turn himself in” when he was finally indicted.

Meanwhile, nearly a year has passed since the DNC [Democratic National Committee] and the Hillary Clinton campaign hired thugs off of Craigslist to incite violence and riots during the 2016 Presidential election campaign. These is a vast amount of “video evidence” irrefutable evidencing these facts, including DNC and Clinton campaign payroll records and campaign disclosures. These are serious federal crimes and yet..where is the Department of Justice investigation? The FBI raids and indictments? Is the clear violation of 18 U.S. Code § 2101 now legal so long as it only encompasses crimes against a candidate that some people do not like, or is it simply legal for the Democratic party to do whatever the hell it want’s without any fear of repercussions?

Jason Chaffetz, former House of Representatives member and Chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform was on Justice with Judge Janine Pirro Saturday night and he again dropped a BOMBSHELL about Attorney General Jeff Sessions:

Judge Janine: …What can you do?

Chaffetz: Yeah, the State Department has been holding tens of thousands of documents on a case that they claim is closed.  And when I met with Attorney General Sessions much like Ron DeSantis did, I basically got a stiff arm.  I got an Attorney General that said he would not comply, he wasn’t going to do any sort of prosecutions and it’s such a huge difference.  When he was a Senator he would have never put up with that.”

Meanwhile, for the past year the Department of Justice, The FBI and Several other intelligence agencies have repeatedly claimed that the DNC Server had been hacked by Russia. This was based on what exactly?  Not one of the 1000’s of employees of any of these agencies has even seen the server. Not one!

So how on earth can 14 alleged “Intelligence” agencies conclude that Russia hacked a server they never examined? Who in the hell approved this finding? Most troubling is how on earth were they able to convince a fair majority of American’s that the Russian’s actually hacked the DNC server? It’s not just deep state, it’s deep stupid!

If you are now feeling like you have been made a complete asshole out of, you wouldn’t be wrong.  If it is any comfort, you are not the only one. According to Wikileaks, there was never any hack. The “Leaked” Clinton emails were actually the result of a FOIA request and disclosure in the form of a DVD containing 10’s of thousands of PDF files. On a side not, several members of our staff members submitted an FOIA request about our status on the No Fly list. The requests were answered with CD/DVD’s containing any records from law enforcement agencies, in the form of PDFs.

Intelligence My Ass!

The Problem is we have a bunch of self important old and out of touch bureaucrats occupying our law enforcement and intelligence agencies. Their only contributions are being able to overwhelm American with heavy armaments and prosecute them in courts with equally useless Judges who have no regard for the actual law and constitution.  We also have an attorney general who seemingly had more zeal for the law when he was a senator then he has as the nations chief law enforcement officer.