Is Donald Trump Getting A Bad Rap?


According to the “actual” truth in Trump’s wording on various subject, he is. Two typical examples are the infamous “Access Hollywood” tape that everyone has cited as Trump talking about “grabbing pussy“. This misrepresentation has been twisted six ways from Sunday and has gone uncorrected, even by Fox News.

Meanwhile, even the Washington Post, no fan of Donald Trump, reported the actual wording related to the “grabbing” comment..

“when you’re a star, they let you do it,”

So, is Donald Trump responsible for Celebrity worship? It is nothing new. Groupies follow bands and celebrities all over the world throwing themselves at celebrities and famous people. So if they “Let” you…is it assault, immoral or a crime? No, absolutely not. If you want to get mad at something, get made at the people who think that the celebrity who gets vast attention, usually vast amounts of money, is also deserving of them throwing themselves at those “Celebrities”.

The NFL Lie

Once the mainstream media and democrats realized that the majority of American’s actually supported Donald Trump’s criticism of NFL players protesting during the presentation of our American flag and during our national anthem, they began once again twisting Trump’s word to fit their “Guilt” playbook, stating Donald Trump was calling the players “Son’s of bitches”.  Again, this was patently false.  While the only News network that was able to spit out a sane version of the narrative they, once again, failed to point out the most crucial point.
Donald Trump’s actual wording was … “wouldn’t it be great if when some player keeled during our national anthem,  the “owner said” …get that son of bitch off the field…your fired!” …the “your fired” part being Trump’s famous phrase. He refered to no player(s) or past incidents. This was a question to the rally crowd using a hypothetical.