No, we are not going to rehash the Democratic roots in the KKK or the decades in which the Democratic Party voted against measures for equal rights for Blacks and minorities. Most know the truth and have either come to terms with it were bought off with “entitlements” and Government freebies? A kind of Reparations one might conclude. For those who are not familiar with the real truth and history  behind the Democratic parties early years, we suggest you check out “The Big Lie” by Dinesh D’Souza . No, our Story begins during the 2016 Election Campaign and proceeding the 2016 Presidential Election.

While many have recognized that the Democratic party, in it’s former life, we the founders of the KKK many also bought into the “Big Lie” that there came a time when the Democrats did the “Big Shift” and became the party championing blacks and minorities.  But the Big Shift was actually occurred in 2008. One would have thought that, with the Election of America’s first African-American President.

While we all thought that a “Black” president, having experienced the oppression and hardships most blacks had suffered, would have been more a man of the people. A man who would have rejected the statuesque and really shook things up in Washington.  As it turned out, President Obama was nothing more then a Good Humor Bar, Chocolate Shell but as vanilla white inside as fresh fallen snow.

While some suspect Barrack Obama was actually “Satan” and used his ungodly powers to control all thous he encountered, others believe that many left wingers and democrats saw Obama as an opportunity to advance their true agenda’s and long suppressed passions and priorities. We can not confirm or deny either claim but it does seem like, almost overnight, the entire landscape of the media, politics and American values and “Normalcy” took a quick 180 where law and order was turned on it head.

We now take you to the 2016 Election Campaign between Donald J. Trump and Hillary R. Clinton. In an expose conducted by an independent investigative reporting group, Project Varitas, undercover reporters discovered that the Democratic National Committee, otherwise known as the DNC, as well as the Hillary Clinton campaign…were hiring Thugs from Craigslist to infiltrate candidate Trump Events and Rallies, as well as Republican events for running Representatives and Senators.

These “Hired Thugs” were utilized to incite violence and riots so that the media would cover it and provide a negative image of both Donald Trump and the American people that supported him. But not only was one of the largest Political parties colluding with their candidate to interfere with the opposing candidates lawful campaign activities, they were using these paid thugs to assault Americans. While this should have outraged anyone and everyone withing these United States, it was scantly even reported. This was the stuff of dictators and third world Countries. 

Where oh Where Would Democrats Get these Neo-Nazi tactics from? Well, lets take a look at one of the biggest Obama and Clinton donors George Soros.

The Above Video is from a 60 minutes interview as he fondly recalled his days as a Neo-Nazi, confiscating property and sending his friends and neighbors to the Nazi Death camps.

You may be asking yourself, how could this be? Where were the watchdogs, the arbitrators of truth, the nations mainstream media. We here at TRUNewsNet know that, for many, if they do not see it on the news, it just didn’t happen, right?

Well many news Stations did actually report the undercover expose, between dinner with Hillary’s campaign manager John Podesta’s, but the reporting was short and brief. Many “Citizen journalists and Bloggers” also spread the information throughout the internet which media stations to falsely claim they [online Journalists & Bloggers] were “fake news”. In the real world however, one should consider that while TV Media and Publication reporters do what they do because they are paid to. Your online Bloggers and Independent journalists [like us] do what we do because we want to get information to the public.

Since the election it has only gotten worse. The mainstream media has used ever instance to attack Trump, host “Guests” that attack Trump and his administration, and so on. It has gone beyond the point of ludicrous and sunken to actual 3rd world dictatorship type propaganda. Think we are kidding? Check out some of this Pulitzer prize winning style reporting by CNN and MSNBC and try not to laugh out loud. This is what the nations mainstream media deems headline news!



Editors Note

This is the first in a Series of articles we will be publishing exposing the Hypocrisy in both the Democratic and Republican Parties. We encourage everyone, especially Millennial’s who may not have been around during some of the events we report, to do their own research and fact checking. By all means, never just accept what ANY media outlet reports. Especially in this day and age.