Antifa, the growing self proclaimed Anti-Fascist group, is planning a fascist style  Protest-Riot on November 4th, 2017. The group intends to demand the removal of the United States duly elected President and Vice President. They have threatened to continue to “protest” until their single demand is met. The removal of Donald Trump and Mike Pence from office.

Antifa is the same group of thugs who have shut down several “Freedom of speech rallies” through threats of violence, riots and destruction of property, like we saw at UC Berkley, and shouting down of speakers. While they have adopted the moniker of anti-fascist their actions seem very much in line with those of actual fascists. Emboldened by  the media and praise from some in the Democratic and Republican parties, as well as inaction by law enforcement, the group appears to be growing more and more bold in their activities and demands.

Media Inflammatory Headlines

Make no mistake. These masked hoodlums are a violent radicalized group who have no regard for authority, property or the law. They have proven so time and time again.

Please check your local laws, but many states allow for defense of self, property and defense of others if there is a reasonable belief that yourself of another is at risk of severe bodily harm or injury.
Do NOT rely upon local or Federal law enforcement.  While Antifa has been labeled a Domestic Terrorist group within the United States, they have still been able to operate unfettered and without any decisive action against them. Especially while they have rioted and shut down speakers at local colleges, violating said speakers Constitutional rights.