Has The Mainstream Media Trumped Itself into Oblivion?

Recent polling has revealed that the majority of American’s no longer trust the mainstream media and a full 46% of Americans and 60% of voters believe that the media actually “makes up stories”, or Fake News if you will.  This puts the nations media giants into, at best, the same category as tabloids like the National Enquirer at worst they have been reduced to a “Propaganda Network”.

The nations major media outlets has lost the trust of those they are meant to enlighten and educate on news and current events. Many Americans who have become disheartened with the nations media have become quite adapt at doing their own research and discovering the facts. The distrust of the media has also given rise to many Citizen Journalists and independent media outlets like Project Veritas.
One symptom could be that, so far as the mainstream media, investigative journalism has died. While independent journalists like Project Veritas exposed the DNC’s use of hired thugs to disrupt Trump rallies and post election events, the New York Times and CNN seem to rely upon leaked reports or stories which they often have to correct or retract later due to inaccuracies or outright falsehoods.

Getting Trumped

So did Donald Trump change the nations opinions of the media during the 2016 Presidential campaign? Perhaps he simply called attention to something that had been going on for decades (or more) right under our noses. The Campaign season certainly motivated an onslaught of American’s to begin doing their own research and fact checking the media reports and assertions.
No matter the cause the nations relationship with the mainstream media has been forever changed. Perhaps that explains the constant onslaught of attacks upon Trump by the majority of the nations media outlets. In fact polls show that most of the mainstream media reporting on Trump range from 93% to 60% negative reporting.  It began with the yet unproven (after 10 months) “Russian Collusion” allegations, which have all but been put to sleep as not a shred of evidence of such has been discovered by the three major investigations dedicated to it, and continues today spotlighting every action Trump and his admin take.