The Truth Behind The Donald J. Trump Presidency

Before Donald J.Trump ran for president he was just another billionaire Real Estate developer who had also become famous as a TV Personality. Before the Apprentice Trump had mad several appearances on Opera, The Maury Povich show, and several other daytime shows.  He even had cameo’s in several other popular television shows, like the Fresh Prince of Bel air. In fact Donald Trump had been in the public eye for more then 40 years before he announced his run for President.

Forbes estimates Trumps worth at around 3.1 Billion dollars, the majority of which is in real estate, with a mere 180 Million of so in cash assets. Enough to enjoy a decent lifestyle by most standards. Apparently comfortable enough  only take $1 of his $400,000 dollar annual salary as President, donating the rest to charity.


If not for the money or fame…which Trump already had plenty of…then one has to wonder why? Why would a billionaire real estate mogul with a hit television show want to run for President?

The truth is…it was Barrack Obama. Many liberals and democrats have know this for a long time and thus gave rise to their claims that Donald Trump is a racist. They were quick to overlook the many events and and causes in the African American community that Donald J. Trump had attended and provided support and donations to. He has also hired several woman, including African American woman, for some of the most prestigious positions in his company and [now] in his cabinet.

It’s our guess that most people who have claimed or somehow been lead to believe that Trump is a racist or white supremacist have obviously not know a real racist or white supremacist. Be that as it may be, this same smear was launched at Steve Bannon, another successful American who few American’s knew about before he joined Donald Trumps Presidential campaign.

Those who have been firmly rooted in their “Trump is a Racist” beliefs will undoubtedly point to the Trump Property lawsuit alleging rental bias based upon racial preferences. However, even the New York Times [in one of it’s rare actual investigated stories] revealed that;

“While there is no evidence that Mr. Trump personally set the rental policies at his father’s properties, he was on hand while they were in place, working out of a cubicle in Trump Management’s Brooklyn offices as early as the summer of 1968.”  See the full story.

So NO, Trump and Bannon’s choice to step into the spotlight and exposing themselves to unrelenting scrutiny and attacks by the media, liberals and left wing populace had nothing to do with race and everything to do with 8 years of a political and national train-wreck. No one will argue that Trump is an eloquent speaker [or Tweeter] or that he is anything like your typical politician.  He surely isn’t the polished bullshit artist that former President Obama was. But then Obama was a community organizer, in all reality Trump was a rich and successful Construction worker.

What Trump is, however, is an American who has seen the problems in America festering for decades. Not for him personally, but for the hard working men and woman of America. Granted Trump is far from being a choir boy. He has been indicated in some questionable practices in business, as pointed out by Hillary Clinton during the 2016 Presidential campaign. But let he [or she] who is without sin, cast the first stone!

But Trump has survived and overcome incredible odds. Not because he was lucky or a good speaker. Not because he was rich, though he did initial fund much of his own campaign. It was most likely the fact that he was so imperfect and spoke like most ordinary American speak. People could relate to him and his vision for America. Millions of Americans had the same vision, while millions of others either do not or oppose some or all of his vision for the country.

Think about this….while the DNC and Clinton campaigns hired thugs to incite violence and riots at Trump rallies to intimidate voters, and the Obama administration used the FBI to spy on the Trump campaign members, Donald Trump rallied American’s to victory. But the attacks and underhanded tactics didn’t stop at the presidential inauguration.

The Democratic party and the nations mainstream media hatched a false narrative about Collusion between the Trump Campaign and Russia. What made this claim so believable was the fact that all members of the Democratic Party, many members of the national media machine and millions of Americans were well aware that the Clinton Campaign and the Democratic National Committee had used underhanded tactics like leaking debate questions, colluding with Hillary Clinton against Bernie Sanders and used thugs and mentally ill people hired from Craigslist to attack Trump supporters and stage protests and riots, as well as many instances of voter fraud discovered throughout  the Country. With all these facets against him….how the hell did Donald Trump win the election? He had to have some outside help right?

As we write this story, revelations are coming to light that it was actually the DNC and Clinton campaign who had colluded and took bribes from Russia. Even the Muller investigation has now shifted to Clinton campaign manager and his brother ….the Podesta’s.

Granted he may not have won the “Popular Vote”, but he dominated overwhelmingly the electoral college. Many will cry foul or that Trumps victory was not a real victory because he lost the popular vote. But the founding fathers realized that the power to choose the nations leader should simply rest in the hands of the most populated states and that all of the United States should have a say in who would lead the nation in which they too were a part of.