November 17th, 2017

For nearly a decade American’s have longed for the nation to return to the prosperous Country we have always been. After 8 years of an abysmal financial and moral period under the Obama administration many American’s only wish was for a financial future they could once again imagine the American dream in. That hope brought out voters nation wide to vote for something different.  A president they thought could turn things around.

Since Donald Trump took office in January of 2017 he has faced a constant barrage of attacks from the mainstream media, Liberals and left leaning political views. However, he has also managed to begin turning around the economy and world view of the United States. In his first 11 months in office America has seen;

  • Lowest unemployment rate in over 16 years.
  • Highest consumer confidence in over two decades.
  • 3.2 and 3.1 back to back GDP, not seen in over a decade.
  • Largest Jobs creation record in nearly a decade
  • Lower regulations creating a more attractive business climate.
  • Bringing several business back to America, and saving 1000’s of jobs slated to leave America.


Additionally, the Stock markets have hit records highs, over 40 times, since the 2016 Election.  While this may not affect the average person it is a good indicator of not only consumer confidence but world confidence in America’s financial stability now and the strengths of it’s industries.  But the good news is not all dollars and cents.

While the mainstream media has attacked Trump’s foreign policy at every step, claiming he has been an embarrassment to America, etc., etc., the welcomes he has received in every Country he has visited tell a different story. In-fact Trump and 1st Lady Melania have been revived with fanfare not seen for an American president in decades. Furthermore foreign leaders have done something they have not done since the days of Ronald Regan.  They have been releasing American prisoners from custody and returning them to America. Even China, who has always remained a hardliners on crime, especially foreigners committing crimes in their Country, released three NBA players after Trump intervened on their behalf.

Yet, with the economy improving, jobs coming back to America, markets soaring, and foreign nations looking up to America once again, what is the problem? Trump hate has become so senseless that most people who proclaim to hate of dislike the nations President do not even have a valid reason for doing so. The majority of which simply parrot some claims made by the mainstream media as an excuse for their hate. Would Americas rather destroy their own country then admit that President Donald Trump is actually doing a pretty damn good job so far?

Unfortunately, that may be just what some are willing to do. Much of this disdain can be attributed to being lead by the nose by the mainstream media. With all the tools at peoples disposal, like Google, Yahoo and non-bias or natural media sources, it seems many can not be bothered to break away from their Twitter or Facebook posts to actually do their own research and discovery the truth.  Here is a hint, most of the media outlets contently attacking Trump  also do little, if any, actual research on their claims.


Oh, and by the way….how is ISIS doing?  The JV that seemed to kick the Obama Admins ass for so long, is all but finished.  America, grow up. No matter what your beef with Trump and the Trump administration, look past it and come together to make our Country great again!